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A New Hope - One Trick Pony
Charity Single - All proceeds donated to Women's Aid

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One Trick Pony - A New Hope - Artwork.JPG

Together We Stand UK has teamed up with One Trick Pony who have created our wonderful charity single 'A New Hope'.
All proceeds being donated to Women's Aid. 

One Trick Pony is a Singer-Songwriting Country Duo featuring Musical Theatre Artists Georgia Lennon and Michael Pickering.

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End To End Virtual Run!
Land's End to John O Groats - 874 miles

Start Date: 1st January 2021 - End Date: 31st December 2021

Kelly embarked on this enormous race on the 4th January and hopes to complete it by the end of the year!

All monies raised will be donated to Women's Aid.

Please support this wonderful charity and the invaluable services that they provide by donating using the link below.

All donations great and small are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Sponsored SKY DIVE!
All proceeds donated to Women's Aid.

Danielle Everitt (Director of Final Checks by Danielle Everitt & sister of Together We Stand UK founder Kelly Everitt) made a sky-high fundraising effort in September by jumping out of plane! All monies donated to Women's Aid.

Danielle raised a huge £830.00 for Women's Aid!

sky dive.jpeg