Supporting Domestic Abuse Victims and As

Our Mission Statement

1. Raise Awareness & Implement Prevention Strategies

We aim to raise awareness and provide support for men and women who are experiencing or have experienced abuse and/or harassment within the Arts. Arts as a sector has a huge volume of self-employed people, freelancers and contract based workers. Therefore the ‘workplace’ should not be exclusive to a specific job or project. Different roles in the Arts crossover and for the most part is a huge spiderweb of networking people. Abuse, harassment and bullying is a harsh reality and recent surveys from Equity and the Musicians’ Union show that many people do not report incidents for fear of repercussions. Repercussions that may affect their future employment and longevity of their careers.


We aim to explore prevention strategies to stop abuse and harassment within the Arts. We want to provide people with the confidence to speak up and report incidents but also to educate people on the right channels to do so and to ensure that they receive the appropriate help and support should it be required. 

2. Campaign

Over the last decade there have been significant changes in the law regarding abuse, harassment, control and coercive behaviour. However, there are still gaps in legislation that need to be addressed.


The crimes that do have time limits are 'summary only' which means that they can only be tried at a Magistrates Court and are relatively minor offences; they must be prosecuted within 6 months e.g. common assault, harassment and taken without owners consent

Meaning, if common assault incidents occur in an abusive relationship, (whether once or continuously) the victim has a six month time period to not only leave the relationship safely but to also understand, process, accept, recover and find the courage to speak up. If the relationship is formed through work and more specifically in the Arts sector, that is a very pressurised time period for the victim. Control and coercive behaviour can also contribute hugely to the time needed for an abuse victim to recover. The system is completely unjust and is most likely one of the reasons why so many people feel that they can’t speak or simply that it’s not worth it. The victim is left feeling alone and possibly more damaged and the perpetrator is free to commit further offences.

Together We Stand UK is going to fight for these appalling gaps in legislation to be addressed. We want to campaign, be heard and help victims receive the justice they sorely deserve.

3. Fundraise

Together We Stand UK will also be fundraising for monies to be donated to Women’s Aid. Women's Aid provide life-saving services. They provide victims with safety, advice, support and counselling. They also educate and campaign to influence government policies and legislation.