Together We Stand is a much needed organisation within our industry. There are enough challenges working in performing arts without the added stress of senseless abuse and bullying, both inside and outside the workplace. The bullying that I personally suffered kicked my confidence and ultimately made me dread going into work. The theatre that I loved became a place where I felt intimidated and insecure, and this undoubtedly negatively impacted my work. Knowing that you’re not alone and that there are people who you can reach out to and talk with is an invaluable step down the road to recovery. I’m so grateful to Kelly for founding this organisation and I’m very proud to be a patron of Together We Stand.

Stuart Morley

Musical Director


Together We Stand UK is a much needed organisation in an industry that still to this day can lead people to a sense of anxiety, uncomfortableness, stress and sadly bullying. I still to this day enter a rehearsal room with a sense of anxiety; with the unknown of a new company, new people and new personalities. I believe this feeling is mutually felt across a whole company, new people in all departments and all roles. It's important that actively talk about anxieties, issues, problems and always keep safe spaces for everyone to talk out whenever they feel they need to. It not only creates a much more positive working environment for this wonderful industry we all work within, it ultimately shines through into all the shows that we are so blessed to create and spread the important message within. I am so grateful for Kelly starting this organisation and to share my words amongst such fantastic colleagues to make sure that we continue to move forward in a positive, healthy and safe environment in the future.

Charlie Ingles

Musical Director

Michelle Pentecost.JPG

Don't let someone who did you wrong make you feel like there's something wrong with you.

Together We Stand UK is a safe space for anyone who has been or is currently a victim of abuse. No one should be put through this hell.

Don't devalue yourself because they didn't value you.

I fully support the amazing work that this organisation is doing to help people find their self worth again.

Michelle Pentecost

West End Actress


Kelly is a good friend and colleague. I've known and admired her work in the industry for years. She has always been such a light and a beacon of support for everyone she comes into contact with. When she first shared her story with me about the abuse she had endured during all the time I knew her I was stunned; she had always presented an outgoing, bubbly "everything is wonderful" public face to the world. The damage is not always visible. 

Watching Kelly launch TWS and step into her light has been remarkable. I am so proud to know her and so proud of the work she has done. 


JBR Management


Kelly is a lovely friend and someone I work with a lot in our industry. Her energy, positivity and warmth comes across the moment you meet her.

During lockdown, Kelly shared her experience with me and it was shocking.

Just because someone is upbeat and full of joy, you never know what they are going through either behind closed doors or within themselves emotionally.

When she told me about TSWUK, I felt extremely proud and completely inspired.

It's important, it's necessary and change is needed. I believe in her and the work she is doing.

Katy Wale

Agent at Vivienne Clore


The organisation is run by my sister Kelly and from the moment I heard the approach and how this organisation was going to help, I was 100% behind it.

I am an actress and a regular teacher at performing arts colleges so I have a duty to look out for students who are about to graduate into this industry as well as my own safety and protection.

I have the privilege of working in an amazing industry but unfortunately there is a small pool of men and women who abuse their position. This is not ok and it's time we all stand together to protect people from further abuse. 

I am proud to support Together We Stand UK, it's time to make a change, stand up and speak out!

Leanne Everitt

Television Actress


Together We Stand UK provides a timely and invaluable resource for all of us working in creative industries. It offers a 'first port of call', the ability to be able to speak with and in confidence, and the chance to share and learn from our own and others' experiences, as we strive for process, regulation and fairness.

Francis Goodhand

Musical Director

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Looking back on my career there have been times when I have been bullied, victimised for my sexuality and made to feel inadequate by an individual or persons in power. I had no where to go to, no one to talk to and no to help me. I was scared to speak out, in case I would never work again or been seen to be "difficult" and have a "bad reputation" within the industry. Now is the time!. Time for change. Time to stand up! Time to be safe, to create and thrive.

Tim McArthur

Director, Presenter and Actor


"Don't say anything.

Don't be a burden.

Be professional.

Be upbeat, fun, positive. No drama'

It can be hard for many people to function day to day in a creative environment, under the pressures associated with presenting an attractive and successful front. For too long, those who were suffering felt as though they had nowhere to turn and that the suppression of their suffering was vital to their employability.

The world needs to change. The way we view those who suffer from abuse needs to change. The way we support them and give them a voice is changing, finally.

I'm extremely proud Kelly and thrilled that Together We Stand UK is here.

Ben Morris

West End Actor


Together We Stand UK is a fantastic initiative seeking to both support survivors and drive change. It was born from lived experience and a desire to help and protect others. We must prevent abuse, make society safer for women - and everyone -  and tackle injustice wherever we find it. That's what Kelly os working towards and I'm right behind her. I look forward to campaigning together.


Kelly is an inspirational woman and I applaud her for her commitment to helping others who may need a safe space to share their experiences and reach out in their time of need. 

No-one should ever be made to feel inadequate or be a victim of any kind of abuse. It's time for us all to stand together and I am confident that all of the West End and beyond will do this to help others.

Nic Greenshields

West End Actor


Everyone has the right to feel safe in their work environment. It should be a given! I find it utterly terrifying that this isn’t always the case and we are unfortunately in need of this organisation. I champion the work that Kelly is doing and truly hope that this platform provides a voice for those who may not have otherwise had the courage to step forward! Enough is enough. It’s time to make a change. Together we Stand UK has my full support.


Helen French

Actress/Vocal coach


Being asked to be a patron was for “Together we stand” was a really special moment for me. It opened up my eyes to how important this is and how important it is actors to have someone to speak to. Already I have been able to help clients and point them in the right direction for advice. Long may this continue for the greater good. 

Craig Ryder.JPG

Never has there been a more important time for a movement like Together We Stand UK. 

It is everybody's human right to feel safe and respected - especially in the workplace.

In our industry people are often regarded as difficult if they appear to stand up for themselves and for what they believe is right. This attitude generally dissuades people from coming forward to voice any concerns.

I am proud to support Kelly and Together We Stand UK, giving everyone the opportunity to speak out in a quest for fairness, kindness and equality.

Craig Ryder

Actor, Agent and Writer


Together We Stand UK is a fantastic organisation challenging behaviours within our industry which are often swept under the carpet or even blindly accepted. Everyone has the right to work in this (already difficult) industry without the added burden of bullying, harassment or discrimination and Kelly has created a vital platform in increasing awareness and empowering positive change. Thank you!

George Strickland

Musical Director