What We Do...

We are an organisation supporting victims of abuse and harassment within the Arts and associated charities. Our intention is to help support victims and advise them on how to report incidents and find the professional help they may need. We are not law enforcement, nor are we legal or health professionals. We are acting as a go-between and confidant in the hope that people will find the courage to speak up and address these very serious issues which are prevalent in the Arts sector.


On a larger scale, we hope to improve the safety for everyone in the Arts sector and encourage the use of more productive prevention strategies. We aim to raise awareness and campaign to stop abuse and harassment within the Arts whether instigated through race, religion, sex, sexuality or domestic abuse. Everyone has the right to work in a safe space.


Together We Stand UK is working closely with Equity and The Musicians' Union to improve safety on a large scale. We also have a wonderful team of Patrons representing all aspects of the industry. We have formed a huge umbrella team of well-known, well-respected people within the sector to create the huge voice that this very important issue needs.

Providing people with the confidence to speak up is crucial. We must form a united front to put a stop to abusive behaviour in the workplace.


Everyone has the right to work in a safe space. A safe space that isn't exclusive to a show or an office but a safe space which covers a huge sector of self-employed networking people who rely on working relationships.


The support we have received so far has been completely overwhelming and the entire team is so very grateful. However, the work we are are doing will only be successful if we can create solidarity and make a stand together.


It takes one person to speak up but takes solidarity to make a difference...


Stand Up For Your Colleagues

Stand Up For Your Friends

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